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May 8, 2012  •  by Jane Carter

Spotlight: iCARE Hope & Help Presents Bobby Bookout

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The Care Communities Organization

As a part of our May Cancer Funding Commitment, Ticketbud is excited to shine the spotlight on the Care Communities, an Austin area non-profit organization that provides practical, compassionate, non-medical support for people facing serious illnesses such as cancer and HIV/AIDS. The Care Communities’ mission is to create a community where nobody has to go through a life-threatening illness alone. This charitable organization works by dividing into what it calls Care Teams, which are made up of volunteers from the community. Each Care Team consists of 3-6 volunteers and is matched with an individual Care Partner who is facing an illness and needs care and support. A Care Team focuses on its Care Partner throughout the Care Partner’s entire illness, making the process easier and providing support by completing helpful tasks such as cooking meals for the Care Partner, helping he or she pick up prescriptions, or taking care of pets while the Care Partner is away. Sometimes, a Care Team is just there to listen. With an entire teams of people by their sides through illness, Care Partners feel comforted and hopeful. The Care Communities whole-heartedly believe in strength in numbers—a team of people is much more helpful than a single individual. The smallest act can make the biggest difference, and simply caring for someone can change that person’s entire outlook on life and illness. Ticketbud is happy to be providing the Care Communities with online ticketing for their upcoming event, called iCARE Hope & Help Presents Bobby Bookout. At the iCARE Hope & Help event, Care Communities supporter, Bobby Bookout, will perform live from 7 -9 PM in the courtyard of Threadgills restaurant located on West Riverside Drive in Austin, TX. Doors will open at 6 PM, and tickets will be $15 per person. Tickets are available online and will also be available for a limited time at the door [caption id="attachment_8054" align="alignright" width="353" caption="iCARE Hope & Help Presents Bobby Bookout"]Bobby Bookout[/caption] Not only will this event provide attendees with local, quality music, but all proceeds will go to The Care Communities in their mission to provide compassion and care to individuals facing serious illness. Last year, The Care Communities served 325 individuals: 126 direct care partners battling life threatening illness; 53 children under the age of 18 as well as 151 primary care givers throughout the Central Texas Area. Show your support for the Care Communities by checking out this event, and don’t forget to spread the word about the organization and the wonderful things they are doing for the Austin area. You could even volunteer to join a Care Team if you’re so inclined! The Ticketbud Cancer Funding Commitment will run through the month of May. As a part of the campaign, Ticketbud is donating 50 cents to the American Association for Cancer Research for every like on our Facebook page. To like and contribute, click here.]]]]> ]]>