Ticketbud Tips and Tools*
June 7, 2012  •  by Jane Carter

How to better promote your event

“It’s gonna come down to can you promote? Most of the guys – they match people together, they package deals, they don’t negotiate for rights. And they don’t make it an attraction. When you get an attraction you have to give it to the people so they can feel the pulse of that attraction.” – Don King While finding himself on the wrong side of controversy more than he would like, boxing promoter Don King does make a solid point regarding the promotion of an event: you have to make it into an attraction while also actively selling it to the masses.  Event promotion has always been a tricky yet integral piece to making your event a success.  You could be organizing the biggest event in the city only to experience lackluster ticket sales due to weak event promotion.  With the launch of our new website Ticketbud 3.0, we will provide you with better promotional tools to ensure that your event doesn’t turn into the birthday party that one showed up to. An event organizer needs to reach as many people as possible and what better way to do this then by utilizing social media.  Ticketbud 3.0 will allow you to share your event via Facebook and Twitter in order to further promote your event beyond the Ticketbud event page.  Viral word of mouth can do wonders for selling tickets online and allows you to reach out to potential attendees on a more personal basis. Building from a more personalized experience, our site will give you more options for custom email messaging to your attendees.  You now have access to all of your guest’s emails and can fully customize what you send and who you send it to.  What this does from a promotional standpoint is that it gives you full reign on how you interact with guests via email while allowing you to send out reminders and notifications.   Want to send a mass email informing your guests of a time change?  Check.  Need to send a personal message to one of your guests reminding them to bring the hamburger patties to your barbeque?  You got it. In addition to promoting through social media sharing and customized email messaging, Ticketbud is launching Sponsorbud along with the redesign of the website.  Sponsorbud will allow you to seamlessly incorporate sponsors into your event based on what type of event you have.  You will be able to partner with other businesses by offering them sponsorship space on your event page.  In return, the sponsorship can potentially cover your event ticketing costs as well as expand the audience you are targeting. We here at Ticketbud are very excited about these additions and the promotional benefits they can bring for our customers.  Event ticketing can be as unpredictable as Don King’s hairline but we think that these tools will make selling tickets a whole lot easier.  Go check out our website now and get to promoting!  ]]]]> ]]>