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May 31, 2012  •  by Jane Carter

Ticketbud 3.0 Aligns New Web Design Practices with User Experience


Website design plays an important role in a world where content is king. According to Smashing Magazine, when carefully considered and thoughtfully executed, design choices such as color, typeface, movement, and layout strengthen the user’s personal engagement with the content on the page and can represent a company’s personality. Web design does not merely serve as decoration to the words; it serves as support to the conversation or message and adds to the credibility of a website. Ticketbud kept user experience in mind as we were making design choices on the latest version of our website, Ticketbud 3.0, which will launch soon.

The new Ticketbud 3.0 design is simple and easy to use, which fits with Ticketbud’s goal of providing consumers with an easy way to sell tickets online. A redesigned Ticketbud logo, featuring lighter blue and orange Ticketbud colors and a crisp typeface, serves as the website title and allows users to engage with Ticketbud’s fun but professional personality. The homepage also highlights the important Ticketbud theme of a budding idea by including a graphic of a small light glowing amid a darkened forest of trees. By using images to tell certain stories, Tickebud’s new website utilizes white space, appeals to the image-driven viewing nature of consumers, and eliminates the need for overwhelming, dense copy. Consumers know exactly where to look and are presented with clean images and short copy which enhance website navigation and Tickebud’s professionalism.

Ticketbud 3.0 aligns the Ticketbud message with web design choices on every page of the new website. At Ticketbud, we value the overall experience of consumers and want the latest version our website to clearly represent our company personality and goals all while making the site easier to navigate and engage with for users.

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