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June 8, 2015  •  by Sean Burke

4 Easy Ways to Engage with Attendees Post-Event

here, but now let’s talk about something arguably just as important: engaging your customers post-show. Why is this so important? You made your money, they had their fun, everyone wins. However, any brand needs to consistently engage with their customers in order to win (and here’s the kicker) repeat business. I’m paraphrasing the marketing maxim of “it costs more to acquire a customer than to retain one”. So again, don’t despair. Keeping in contact with your attendees should (and will be!) fun and result in your event being even bigger in subsequent years. Enough talk, let’s dig in:  Ways to Engage 1. Thank You Messages The most basic of post-event engagements is the humble “Thank You” message. Really all you need to do is craft an email thanking each attendee, which these days is incredibly easy with all of the integrations out there. Some ticketing companies should be able to give you access to all your attendee’s emails, making it even easier and in many cases, a no-brainer. Simply write a message and be sure to add in a script that includes the attendee’s name for additional personalization and send it out a day after the event is over so that it will still be fresh in their minds! 2. Social Media Photos/Vid Clips On each of your social media properties, curate photos taken at the event and create albums with those photos and post them. With access to user emails, you can even email them the “digital scrapbook” of photos taken at the event. It’s enjoyable receiving photos from the event because it gives me an opportunity to try and find my friends and me somewhere in the audience! This is also an easy one to do and you or someone from your social media team can easily curate the content in the matter of an hour. That’s not a lot of time to help create fantastic lasting memories for your guests, who will begin to look forward to next time! 3. Post-Event Surveys What did your attendees adore? What did they want fixed for next year? What acts or speakers would they like to see next year? Sending your attendees a post-event survey has a twofold benefit: firstly, it helps you improve your event for upcoming years and you’re not stuck waiting to see a psychic. Secondly, it gives your attendees a real chance to help make the event truly theirs and it allows them to get involved. People like to feel that their opinion matters, and you can imagine the excitement when a hotly-requested band performs in the upcoming year! To encourage participation, raffle off some tickets for the next event, VIP service, or other event-specific goodies as a reward. 4. Create Relationships When people feel an emotional  attachment to a brand or experience, they’ll be much more likely to interact with it again. This means that you need to do your best to interact with your attendees on a basis after the event is over. This means continually posting new photos, responding to messages, giving reminders for next year (with discounts or free swag or drinks), and so on. Obviously this should not be very often to prevent attendees from being annoyed, but it’s something that should be uncommon enough to give attendees something nice to remember throughout their day. So there you have it – four easy, cost-effective, and enjoyable ways to communicate with your event’s attendees after everyone has gone home. To use one last cliche, we’re social creatures! Take advantage of that little cliche and help create long-lasting memories in the process.]]]]> ]]>