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Create a Custom Web Link to Your Event Page

In this tutorial we look at how to create a customized event URL for your event page promotion.

Once you have completed the Getting Started Checklist (which we cover in another video), you are able to activate your event. Next you will want to customize your Event Link URL.

How to find and customize your event link (URL):

After you have activated your event you will land in your Event Dashboard. Because this is a new event, there’s no active data available yet. But once ticket sales begin you’ll see an overview of your event data here. 

In the Event Dashboard is where you find your Event Link. This is the web link to the event page you created to promote your event. When you first create your event, there’s an auto generated link. However you can customize this by clicking on Edit Link

If this is your first event you’ll be asked to select a SUBDOMAIN. The subdomain sits at the start of the link and will be added to all your subsequent events. We recommend using an organization or business name here, something that will be relevant to other events you may create. This part can’t be changed again without our help. So make sure you are happy with it before saving. 

Next you can change the URL event title. This will automatically be your event name, however you can create a shorter version of this if you wish. This part of the link only applies to this particular event 

Then when you’re happy with this – Save Changes

Your Event Link will have changed to your customized version. If you click ‘View Live’ you can preview your event page that the Link is directing to. 

If you want to promote your event page online, you just need to go into your Event Dashboard and copy your custom link.