April 11, 2014  •  by Brandon Harris

YouLive Statement

YouLive. We do not control the revenue from the ticket sales for this event. At Ticketbud we offer a service that allows anyone to setup and manage awesome events. For this particular event the organizer chose to connect their own payment processing instead of using our payment processing. In doing so, we have no control over the funds, and are unfortunately not capable of issuing refunds to ticket holders. We have contacted the payment processor to investigate the matter further. It is up to them to come to a resolution regarding the ticket sales revenue. We are not making any accusations of fraud, we are being cautious to prevent the possibility of fraud. We provided the organizer of this event 24 hours to respond to the allegations put forth by this community. We did not receive a response, and therefore made the decision to halt further ticket sales. However, we do believe that there is enough compelling evidence to halt ticket sales until we hear further from the organizer. Once we verify that the event is legitimate and will take place, we will re-open ticket sales. We would like to thank the YouTube community for bringing this to our attention and working with us while we came to a resolution.  If you purchased a ticket to this event, we recommend that you contact the issuing bank for your credit card and inform them of the situation.  ]]]]> ]]>