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May 10, 2011  •  by Jane Carter

You received tickets online for an International meeting, now what?

Research: This may seem like a no-brainer but researching the country and city your are going to is the best way to prepare yourself for the experience and, more importantly, avoid unfortunate cultural taboos.  In Egypt, for example, adding salt to your food is considered an insult.  This may seem a minuscule error to a new traveler but such a mistake could make for a less than seamless trip and meeting. Travel Info: Flying international can get hairy, so its important to be aware of air travel requirements.  Having important documents handy will expedite your travel and a little research about the chosen airlines, on-way stay locations, flight schedule, duration, and seating plan along with take off & landing processes will help to ensure a hassle-free experience. Currency Change: Exchanging currency in a foreign country is often complicated and over-priced.  Getting your currency changed at the airport or any time before you leave means one less thing to worry about once you land. The Plug-In Problem: If your attached to your mobile device or laptop like most people are this is a big tip to pay attention to.  Many countries have different size wall outlets that are not compatible with plugs bought in the US so purchasing a converter is the best way to keep your electronics charged and your sanity intact. Expect the Unexpected: No matter how much you research and prepare, an experience abroad never goes exactly according to plan.  The key thing is to go with the flow and make the best of the situation you’re in and not get overwhelmed.  Dealing with unexpected adventures is part of what make international travel so unforgettable. We often see international conferences using Ticketbud for ticketing online. An international meeting is a great experience both professionally and personally.  Be prepared and ready to handle whatever is thrown at you and, most importantly, have fun!]]]]> ]]>