Ticketbud Tips and Tools*
September 20, 2013  •  by Jane Carter

Welcome to the New Ticketbud!


3 New Features Created For Users, By Users

1. New Per-Ticket Pricing Option

In addition to our $99 Guarantee option, we now offer a “Per-Ticket” pricing option that allows you to sell tickets for free. We only collect a small processing fee attached to each ticket an attendee purchases meaning the organizer pays nothing.

Ticketbud New Pricing

This new “Per-Ticket” option also allows you to use Ticketbud as your Payment Processor. That means a quicker event creation with no outside merchant accounts to set up!

2. Interactive Event Page Editor

Ticketbud is the only event ticketing service with an Interactive Event Page Editor which allows you to create the event page in the same environment in which it will be displayed. Therefore, what you see when you edit is what you get when your event page is activated. Never play the guessing game again!

And to help you take advantage all of our tools and services, we show your event page progress in our Event Completion Monitor. Starting at 0%, the checklist walks you through every step of creating your fantastic event till you’re 100% ready to start selling tickets! Interactive Event Page Editor  

3. Redesigned Event Pages

You asked for a more compelling, dynamic event page design and we delivered. Designed with your feedback in mind, our new layout is designed to make it quick and easy for your event to have the professional and exciting look it deserves and get attendees engaged in the registration and purchase process quickly and seamlessly. New Ticketbud Event Pages!   These are just a few of the exciting new changes coming to Ticketbud. To see everything we’re launching, check out Ticketbud.com, watch our how-to video below, setup an event and see how we’ve turned your feedback into a complete ticketing and registration experience!    ]]]]> ]]>