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November 6, 2011  •  by Jane Carter

We are taking online ticketing to the final frontier…

The Kiwanis Chico Community Observatory will be celebrating its 10th anniversary this November. Founded on the principle that everyone should have the opportunity to explore the heavens with a telescope, over 100,000 individuals have enjoyed the free use of this facility located in Upper Bidwell Park in Chico, California. Regional K-12 schools and the California State University at Chico have also used this facility as formal science education center through class presentations and as lab for individual learning. To celebrate these milestones, the observatory is holding an astronomy film festival November 18th-19th, to raise funds for the observatory’s maintenance into the next decade. The event will present five PBS astronomy specials with lectures by the films’ producers mixed in with presentations by prominent astronomers and science populists. A sixth film, Black Sky, the story of SpaceOne, will be presented by Scott B and Brian Binnie, the world’s first commercial astronaut. We stand in solidarity with the belief that all humans deserve the exposure to the cosmos and the wonderful, mind-bending concepts that accompany.  Yet another great cause and group of people who believe in using Ticketbud to raise money through online ticket sales that don’t drain proceeds. Aside from the exciting films that will be displaying at the festival, we want to leave you with one of our favorite videos of all time.  We consider it a Ticketbud creed. Video – Carl Sagan words of wisdom To the cosmos,   Ticketbud


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