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April 26, 2011  •  by Jane Carter

Watch your BBQ Plate Tickets Sell!

previous post, we were happy to help a University of Texas organization that has been around on their campus since 1922.  The Texas Cowboys had been using an ancient model for selling their BBQ plate tickets.  Members would have an envelope full of printed tickets, which is a significant printing costs, and an envelope to collect cash for their ticket sales.  The cowboys would have to meet face to face with purchasers to make a transaction, a serious time inconvenience. They made the wise decision of eliminating the hassle and liabilities by choosing Ticketbud for selling tickets.  The use of an online ticketing application allowed them to maximize the number of plates sold and, most importantly, their well deserved proceeds.  We like to think it made them look quite innovative when folks would say, “Whoa!  You can scan my ticket with your phone!?”


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