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May 25, 2012  •  by Jane Carter

Sell More Tickets & Enhance Your Event's Success with Social Media

Social Media is a great tool for online event ticketing

Ticketbud has a riddle for you: What’s the difference between an empty house and a sold-out show? The answer? Social Media. It really is that simple.

Because social media provides the unique opportunity to both easily inform and directly interact with your audience, the icons below are the KEY to promoting your event. They allow your brand and event to hone its personality through a spectrum of unique platforms, and we have some great tips to show you how to use social media most effectively.

  Social Media Ticket SellCapture your audience’s interest. Utilize your event page to its fullest by syndicating it with all your social media websites. Attach your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. to the page in order to communicate more easily with your attendees. In addition to this, those who visit the event page may visit your other online resources, building your reach. This way, search engines notice your name spreading across your different pages and increase your rankings. Involve your attendees. Include those interested in your event in its initial planning stages. How you ask? A Facebook poll is a simple, easy, and interactive way to engage your audience. If the event’s venue or drink specials are chosen based on their responses to the poll, attendees are more likely to enjoy themselves and feel assured that their satisfaction is garunteed. Monitor customer perspectives as the event is occurring. Creating a related twitter trend before your event allows attendees to follow updates and gives them an opportunity to share their live experience and promote your organization in the twitter sphere. After the event, tweet about how it went so that attendees can reply or re-tweet. Instagram contest to get attendees more involved Challenging the event-goers to an Instagram photo contest increases their enthusiasm and encourages participation in event activities. Awarding the winner with a small prize and posting their photo in a blog post persuades those who missed out to attend the next event. Rewarding participants of a contest like this assures satisfaction and gives merit to your organization.   Make the connection. Syndicating your major social media platforms demonstrates unity within the event a nd your organization as a whole. Make sure the information you share on Facebook matches the content in your tweets. Because some social media users are partial to one website rather than the other, they will miss the news shared on only one platform otherwise. social media logosTie it all together. Make full use of your selected social media platforms before, during, and after the event. Tying together your attention-grabbing Facebook post and attendee polls before the event, the ongoing twitter stream and photo contest during the festivities, and the post-event blog entry is important to create a sense of completeness. Creating this streaming timeline stirs anticipation before, promotes participation during, and solidifies reward afterward. Ticketbud is both an easy way to sell tickets with little cost and a great way to update social media content related to your event. After you enter the event information, Ticketbud provides easy access to all the social media possibilities described above on one single page! Customize the event’s Facebook post to include a unique description and image of the event’s features. Create a Facebook event and invite all who may be interested in attending. With this, it is possible to keep the event private if necessary(a feature also available for your event through our website). Personalize a tweet which includes the URL to your event page, an element that makes it easier for your followers to find and purchase tickets. In addition to these features, Ticketbud allows you to blog news and details about the event (before, during, or after) on your organization’s WordPress. Because Ticketbud understands the hard work in planning, selling tickets and promoting an event, we resolved to provide these features in an effort to make your job easier and help you sell tickets online more effectively and cost efficiently.]]]]> ]]>