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October 19, 2012  •  by Jane Carter

Tips to finding local music talent for your event for less

Tip #1: Research the audience and location of event. What are the demographics for your event? Is there even room for an act? These are just some things to take into consideration before finding an act. Having an act like One Direction perform for an age group of 45-55 years old might just be disastrous. Even if you can’t pinpoint the demographics, try to assume! Tip #2: Check your favorite local venues. Whatever your favorite genre may be, check out the local venues that cater to that genre.  Checking out the opening acts at your favorite venue is always a good way to find local talent. Here in Austin, Texas, venues such as Antone’s or The Mohawk are great venues to check out the local talent. Along with checking out your favorite venues, attending open mics is a reliable option. Also, always ask friends that are musicians to recommend someone as an option. Tip #3: If you can, make time to meet the act. Because of today’s technology, you can virtually be anyone you want behind a computer.Once you’ve found youract, its always good idea to establish a connection in person. This way, you’ll get a general idea of the act and different things such as the vibe they give off, and if they’re prompt. And as always, don’t forget to give a listen to their music online. If the act doesn’t have a fan/music page, try searching for them on Soundcloud or Bandcamp. And as the last tip, Tip#4: Compensation is the key. Compensation can be anything from free drinks to allowing the act to invite their friends for free if the event has a charge to it. Keep in mind, guaranteeing that a good crowd will attend is a form of compensation. Remember, if you can compensate the act, the chances of them returning the next time you need them are very high. Lastly, keep a list of reliable acts on hand. Keeping a list allows you to have back up acts just in case the act you intended to have playing cancels. When you tell people where you heard these tips, tell them Ticketbud told you! That’s all the tips we have for you now. If you have still have trouble finding an act, don’t freak out…its a process that you have to get used to and build connections over time. Once you find an act for your first event, it’ll be a piece of cake after that. Good luck, and may the local talent event gods be with you.]]]]> ]]>