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October 26, 2012  •  by Jane Carter

Top College Tailgating Destinations

Top College Football Tailgating Destinations Every week on game day thousands of people show up to the stadium with no intention on going inside to watch the game. They’re there to Tailgate. Tailgating isn’t about wins, although we have to admit we won’t complain if our team wins. Instead, it’s about something much more than that. Tailgating is about … beer. Lots and lots of beer. Beer in cans, kegs or red Solo cups. Oh and food, an excessive amount of food. Tailgating is a large campus party. For most fans game day is more important than any other event. I will mention that we did not base this list on the actual football teams but the traditions and quality of the tailgate itself. University of Southern California  Hollywood’s Team Beautiful weather, beautiful people, and the football team isn’t too bad. Every game day you can see a sea of cardinal red and gold flood the beautiful USC campus grounds, which turned into one giant party by mid morning  Thousands of fans prepare with drinks food and friendly conversation, to fill the largest stadium in the PAC 12, The Coliseum.  USC’s fans are some of the most diverse this is evident when you walk through the tailgates and see the different ways to cook the same piece of meat that is a staple a tailgate. Tennessee The “Volunteer Navy” Tailgating at the University of Tennessee provides you these two options tailgate on land or on water. If you choose water that is referred to as The Sailgate. Tons of fans gather on game day morning board boats and tour around the water on boats with TVs and everything else you need to have a great “Sailgate”     Texas A&M Home of the “12th man” It all starts the night before at the unique tradition called Midnight Yell Practice. Apparently the fans don’t cheer they yell! The football program may be up and down season to season but one constant remains… great traditions. College Station is a great college town with a great game day atmosphere.     Ole Miss Sunday’s Best on a Saturday? Blazers and bow ties for the men and sundresses and pearls for the women the classic southern charm embodiment. The Grove, a nine- acre area, on campus is where the unique tailgate takes place. One of the great parts about the Ole Miss tailgate is that the team takes part in the festivities by taking “The Walk of Champions” through The Grove.     Texas Sweet Tea Vodka and Cowboy Boots Anytime Austin can host a party for any reason they will. The self proclaimed weird city is home to one of the five largest campuses in the United States, the Longhorns host one heck of a tailgate. University of Texas at Austin has a huge student and alumni base, the huge following is one that  few schools can boast. You can’t go wrong with huge smokers cooking up good Texas barbecue and cheerleaders in chaps.   Here Are a Few Tips to Make Your Tailgate a Great One, Wherever You Are. Be Friendly with the other tailgaters and get off your phone. Make friends with your fellow fans, this will make it easier to drink their beer when yours runs out. Bring Kids At Your Own Risk. Keep in mind that this is an all day affair and that fans will be drinking all day. So they will be drunk and they can not be held accountable for their actions words of choice. Protect Your Tailgating Gear. try using bicycle locks to lock your gear together, but also don’t get too anal, don’t walk around with a sharpie putting a name on every single red cup. If someone misplaces their cup they will simply grab another one if this will ruin you financially you should probably just stay home and make sure you don’t misplace any cups. Get there early and know the rules. There’s not much to this tip just get there early and get a good spot. Also do a quick Google search before you go tailgating or ask friends if they know any important rules. This probably seems like a minor issue but a small rule can really change your tailgate experience. You don’t want to get kicked out because you accidentally broke a rule. Probably most important of all, Prepare. Sure you can buy a 24 pack of Miller Lite and a bag of Doritos and hope for the best. I’m sure you’ll probably have a great time, specially if that 24 pack is just for you. But if you want your tailgate to go better than getting blackout drunk and bumming food from others. Plan and Prepare. The best way I can think of doing that is by using Ticketbud, through Ticketbud you can have a RSVP list of who’s showing up and also who’s bringing what. Another great advantage of using us is that you can promote your event on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.]]]]> ]]>