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July 3, 2012  •  by Jane Carter

Educate Me: Tips for Selling Tickets to a Class

TicketBud selling tickets Sell tickets for your class with TicketBud[/caption] Keep it simple: Keep your event title short and to the point. Make sure you are informative without overwhelming your student with a wordy description. Rather, get them excited and let them know what to expect. Plan it out: Put yourself in their shoes. Have a friend walk through the process with you to be sure you have not left out any important steps. Consider all possible questions such as: where will your guests park? If it is outdoors, do you have a backup location in case of bad weather? If you want your students to regularly attend, it’s important to consider details. Know your goals: Prepare for success! Make sure you have enough equipment for a full-house, even if your event sells out because, hey… isn’t that the goal? Expect the best but make sure to prepare for anything that may go wrong. I “liked” your class: Build some excitement for your upcoming classes on your favorite social media sites. Once your students have ‘liked’ your page or subscribed to updates, it will be easy to motivate them to attend your next class. Not only this, but marketing through social media invites their personal networks to learn about your class. Without this, they’ll never know what they’re missing! Highlight your best: Use the private label option to really make your class shine when selling tickets. You can customize the colors and even upload your own logo! Let everyone know how awesome your class is. Did a student just leave you a 5 star review on Yahoo? Copy that directly into your description! Easy payments: Ticketbud provides your guests with a variety of payment options including our own internal payment processor! Many customers want to know if paying with cash at the door is a possibility. It sure is! You, as the event host, can comp yourself as many tickets as you like and then sell them in person. Stripe is coming soon too! Contact is key: As the event organizer, you should keep in touch with your students in between sessions. Personalized notes let them know how much you care about their progress, and your interest will not go unnoticed. If it’s okay with your students, you can even post your pictures of them to your social media page. [caption id="attachment_11137" align="aligncenter" width="296"]selling tickets for cooking class Have fun teaching![/caption] Since classes can include many students who are often coming several times a week, the per ticket fees can really add up! Lucky for you, Ticketbud has one flat rate- no matter how many guests you have. Good luck with your classes!    ]]]]> ]]>