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December 20, 2011  •  by Jane Carter

Tickets are sold online, but what about your venue?

Tickets are sold on a non-stop basis for events happening worldwide.  This process ends on the day of the event where guests gather for what they paid for.  Whether it is a concert, dinner, dance-off, cooking class, or beauty show, the event hosts and attendees will be locating to a venue for the occasion.  Sometimes overlooked, the home of your event can have an enormous impact on the current and future success of your growing event or cause. We have seen events that have all incentives ironed out to a perfection – the best local band, food, decorations, gifts, and presenters, but failed to put a lot of thought into where all of these great aspects will be gathering.  On the other hand, we recently got feedback from an event that took many incentives for their attendees and accented them by putting a lot of thought into the environment. This event was a gathering of women in Austin, Texas.  The event called “Babehair Bootcamp” featured music, food, drinks, sustainable beauty vendors, massage stations, and a presentation from a very talented and admired hair designer.  With a plethora of choices for a location, the host decided to go with a popular contemporary art studio .  Our team thought the venue had many features that allowed it to optimize the event.  
Many women gathered to learn about new and efficient beauty techniques!
  Some of our Ticketbud team pointed out the following features that added to the pleasure of guests. Great Parking – The venue provided a hefty parking lot and a collection of side streets that did not leave any guests stranded or hiking to the event. Seperate Check-in – There was one entry to the event with an obvious path to an obvious guest check-in / ticket confirmation table. Functional Atmosphere – Being a venue normally stocked with beautiful art and furniture, the event was defaulted to have a trendy feeling and look that seemed to be an enormous undertaking for the event host.  Guest and vendors had functional couches, chairs, and tables to use for their comfort and convenience. Layout – This was the crucial element to the success.  We determined that the event space was very long.  This allowed folks to walk around with no confusion or need for memorizing where things are for some venues that have multiple rooms and become a maze in nature.  You entered and saw registration, then proceeded to food and drinks, then walked into the section full of vendors and media, and then entered the last part of the long venue which was a stage and chairs for a presentation at the end of the night.  The straight and long venue additionally allowed for all booths and tables to be set along the walls of the event which left the middle of the art space free and vacant for guests to roam and converse. Please take these elements into consideration for your next event and please feel free to comment on suggestions for venue analysis or success stories! We look forward to continuing our observations of event venues around the world using Ticketbud for online ticket sales!
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