April 15, 2015  •  by Sean Burke

Ticketbud Widget Showcase

Play It Foreward Play It Foreward is a charity golf outing designed to help educate children in one of the toughest neighborhoods in Detroit, while simultaneously helping fund pediatric cancer. They’re awesome because of this, but they’re also an awesome example of a Squarespace site using the Ticketbud widget. Squarespace is a custom website builder and we’ve noticed more and more event sites utilizing it. This is a particularly beautiful example of using the Ticketbud Squarespace widget. We have a simple, quick step-by-step guide for integrating the Ticketbud widget with Squarespace here. Alterconf From their website: “AlterConf Sessions are local events that provide safe opportunities for marginalized people in the tech and gaming industries to learn from and support one another. By highlighting the powerful voices and positive initiatives of local community members, we build hope and strengthen the community’s resolve to create safer, healthier spaces for everyone.” Alterconf is a great example of a website using the Ticketbud widget to sell tickets to their events. Not only are they hosting a Session in Austin on April 25, but they’re hosting four other ones all using the widget as well! Conbravo! The “Annual Festival of Everything Geek”, Conbravo! boasts that “We’re one of the first conventions to embrace electronic media in all its online goodness. We’re Canada’s largest gathering of gaming and indie video producers, developers, and fans. In short, we’re three jam-packed days of fun, with concerts, games, panels, live game shows, vendors, artists, and so much more.” Embracing of electronic media in all its online goodness apparently also means embracing Ticketbud’s event widget software! And we aren’t complaining (we just wish we’d been invited!). [gallery link="file" ids="22557,22564,22565"]    ]]]]> ]]>