August 27, 2015  •  by Sean Burke

Ticketbud Widget Showcase III

One and Two, respectively) I’ve talked about the power of branding with your own widget site, as well as the advantages of utilizing Ticketbud’s event registration to have your site gain more visibility. This time, I’m going to talk a little bit about optimization for your website so that you can rank higher in search engines. One thing I’ll warn against, however, is thinking that there’s only one search engine out there. You need to think about all of them! While it’s super basic and it’s a rough description, search engine algorithms determine how important you site is by the number of links to your site. And if you have an event website, you obviously want people to be able to find it. The first step after creating your event (for example, on Ticketbud) is to put a link to your site IN the description of your event. Once your event is activated, you’ll get a link to your site in your description. Next, you’ll want to post your event to something free like Evvnt , a free event posting service. It will then post your event (including its description) to those event listing sites, basically giving your site a bunch of free links. Pretty nifty, huh? Anyway, let’s look at two recent (awesome) looking event websites that are taking advantage of the equally awesome Ticketbud ticket widget. This ticket widget is super beneficial for event websites, and you’ll quickly see why. At the end of this post, you can see both websites as well as by clicking on the links in each description. 1. Kitchen Bootcamp This Bootcamp won’t have a drill sergeant yelling in your face, but it will have you learning how to bake bread, make cheese, and even homemade soda over the course of a week! The website is very well laid out, with some delicious looking pastries serving as a header (good thing I had lunch by the time I was writing this). The Ticketbud widget, as always, is unassuming and doesn’t look out of place on the site. The ticket name is also pretty funny and keeps with the theme: “Kitchen Magician”. You can check out the entire Bootcamp site here. 2. Keep Ruby Weird Keep Ruby Weird is a conference for Ruby developers located in Austin TX with the name playing off the city’s unofficial motto of “Keep Austin Weird”. And wow, what an awesome website! Given that this conference is for Ruby developers, I can’t say that I’m surprised at how great it looks. Regardless, it’s extremely impressive and in my eyes it’s the coolest site that I’ve seen utilizing the Ticketbud ticket widget yet. You’ll notice that the Ticket Widget even fits in with the color scheme of the website and doesn’t even stand out as an eyesore. Everything about this site beautiful, from the colors to the layout.  You can find their Austin event website in full regalia. And if you’re in Austin and/or are a Ruby Developer, this is one conference you won’t want to miss. P.S.- Does this look cool to you? Use Squarespace with our widget to fulfill your event registration needs! Learn how here.

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