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May 6, 2015  •  by Sean Burke

Ticketbud Widget Showcase II

Ticketbud event site to get a link from, and the main benefit of this is Search Engine related. One of the tell-tale signs that your site is good is if it has links from reputable sites, and Ticketbud is one of them! So you get the search engine potential of having your event listed on Ticketbud, but you also get to sell event tickets online with your own website. Talk about a double-whammy! With marketing and advertising, having a Widget on your site allows you to easily track conversions. Ticketbud of course allows you to utilize a Google Analytics code and track conversions, but you can also do the same on your own site. You also have the added benefit of your site being even more customizable than the Ticketbud event page, which is a pretty big deal. The widget is a great boon for event marketers and event planners alike! Anyway, let’s look at three more websites that caught our eye. Budbreak Wine and Craft Beer Festival While this event has already passed, the Budbreak Wine and Craft Beer Festival was one of my favorites for its beautiful simplicity and color scheme. In the gallery you’ll be able to see what the Festival’s tickets looked like during the course of its sale. The page also gives more information about the ticket sales, such as receiving a free bottle of wine! Overall, the page is really cool and gave the organizer a lot of power to get customers their way. Fazio’s Catering Murder Mystery Did you know that we ticket Murder Mystery Italian Buffets? I didn’t either until I saw this pop up on my notifications. Fazio’s Catering (to paraphrase a chef: If your Italian restaurant isn’t someone’s last name what are you even doing?) has done a great job with this page. Sure, there’s only one ticket type, but what more could you want in one ticket? 3 course meal, dessert, coffee, drinks, and a show for under $50 is pretty great value. The “Die-Nasty in Dallas” event is well represented here. Cannabis Classic Alright, alright, let’s get the Ticket”bud” jokes out of our system before we go any further! The Cannabis Classic obviously is designed to celebrate everything cannabis related. Regardless of your own personal beliefs on cannabis, it’s pretty obvious that there’s a huge market for it and the Classic is a competition and first mover in its industry. Thanks to the innovative and swift widget, they’re able to do four entirely separate ticket types with ease, all displaying the extremely small fee next to them. Just another reason to use the Bud! (Okay I’ll stop now). You can see the full page in the gallery, and it’s fantastic.       [gallery ids="22598,22599,22601"]   P.S.- Does this look cool to you? Use Squarespace with our widget to fulfill your event ticketing needs! Learn how here.  ]]]]> ]]>