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November 9, 2012  •  by Jane Carter

Ticketbud Tracks: Chris Beale

Ticketbud Tracks: Chris Beale, Digital Marketing Extraordinaire Do you often find yourself looking for some musical motivation during your workday or while planning and setting up your event? Well, look no further! One of Ticketbud’s finest Digital Marketing Specialists, Chris Beale, shares some of his favorite workday tracks to motivate you and get your friends talking about music genres they never really knew about. Click here for Chris’ Ticketbud Tracks playlist 1.)  Dolphin Boy – “Shake It Loose” Everyday that I’m working in the office, Dolphin Boy’s “Shake It Loose” always gets me into my workflow zone. You can’t really go wrong starting the workday off with Dolphin Boy. So if you’re looking for something to relax the mood and get into your zone, “Shake It Loose” is what you’re looking for. 2.)  Sugar Ray – “Someday” I have to say, out of most bands coming out of the 90s, Sugar Ray is probably my favorite! With their catchy lyrics and guitar riffs, I can probably put their tune “Someday” on repeat the whole day and be perfectly fine with it. 3.)  Dwele – “Weekend Love” Dwele is an exceptional R&B singer/songwriter from Detroit. This is definitely one of my Sunday afternoon songs and is also part of my “shower songs” list. 4.)  Lee Fields – “Honey Dove” I had heard of the name Lee Fields, but I had never checked out his music until recently. So far I can say that his song “Honey Dove” is my favorite. After seeing Choice Cuts start to promote their concert with Lee Fields, I knew I had to check out his music.  I’m definitely jealous of anyone in the Dublin, Ireland area attending the concert November 11th! 5.)  Esperanza Spalding – “I Know You Know” After attending Esperanza’s concert 2 years ago, I was completely blown away by her. I’ve been following Esperanza for quite sometime and she is definitely one of my favorite jazz bassist/singers. Once I get in my workflow zone, Esperanza keeps me focused. If you ever have the opportunity to see her live, do so! 6.)  Zero 7 – “In The Waiting Line” I had completely forgot about the group Zero 7 until I came across an event that had G.Love and Graham Wilkinson performing. G.Love and Graham’s laid-back music reminded me of some tunes by Zero 7. Zero 7 is a group that touches on trip-hop and acid jazz, along with a down tempo ambiance. I just found discovered Zero 7 about a year ago, but I highly recommend going through all of their albums. 7.)  Flying Lotus – “Do The Astral Plane” The rest of my list pretty much consist of songs to keep me motivated towards the end of the day. This is where Flying Lotus comes in. Flying Lotus, a.k.a. FlyLo is an artist that lies in the electronic/experimental and jazz genres. His song, “Do The Astral Plane”, definitely takes more of an electronic/trance feel and is very upbeat compared to the rest of his tunes. I definitely feel revived when hearing this one! 8.)  Omar – “Lay It Down” (Andre Lodemann Remix) Omar  is an exceptional Neo-Soul singer from the U.K. and made his big debut during the 90s. I discovered Omar back when I was attending high school in London, but thanks to Andre Lodemann, he’s blessed us with this upbeat remix that gives a little spice to it. If you get a chance, I also recommend you listen to his song “Last Request.” 9.)  Kendrick Lamar – “Hol’ Up” Kendrick is the newcomer to the Hip-Hop scene and has done quite well so far with his debut record label album, “Good Kid, m.A.A.d City“. His song “Hol’ Up” is from his tape “Section 80” and is pretty much my morning/4:30pm anthem. 10.)  The Notorious B.I.G – “Big Poppa” Beware: this song might cause you to not complete any work. “Big Poppa” always gets me recharged towards the end of the day. You just have to be careful; listening to this song too many times will cause you not to get anything done because it tends to make you feel like you own the world. 11.)  People Under The Stairs – “We’ll Be There” People Under The Stairs is an underground Hip-Hop group that is based out of Los Angeles, California. This tune also shows off why PUTS is one of the best underground Hip-Hop groups around. I’ve personally never been to the west coast, but every time I hear this song, I feel like I just have to go! Well folks, this playlist is 47 minutes of non-stop motivational, recharging music. I’m also excited to say that there’s more Ticketbud playlists in the works, so stay tuned.]]]]> ]]>