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April 18, 2012  •  by Jane Carter

'Ticketbud Tips': Start Targeting with Content Marketing!

As our generation progresses towards a technologically improved arena, the bulk of marketing is typically catered online via social media portals. However, it is still pertinent to take consideration of the opportunities traditional marketing can do for brands and agencies. Underestimating the power of this would be a mistake. The general audience markets their attention towards inventive and artistic marketing campaigns. So, why give them anything short of this? Find a Design, One of a Kind When it comes to marketing, the foreground and background matter just as much if not more. The ability to provide compelling and aesthetic graphics shapes your consumers’ future investments with the company’s products. Content generation is an imperative one to consider, as its initial proficiency to grab attention can yield a concrete impression. Multimedia Encyclopedia Photos, songs and marquee effects are resources for further advancement with product promotions. You typically have a lot of freedom when it comes to what you can do with designing a campaign or even when it comes to testing out the general marketing sphere. Creating a media-savvy website can become the link to millions of subscribers and potential consumers. Hard Sell, No Sell

While the bulk of marketing efforts reside with increasing sales, content marketing focuses on a more intuitive level of conveying product assessment for their consumers. This is a way for consumers to really understand the value of the products they are going to buy. By creating a threshold of information readily online, educated consumers retain information longer.

User-Friendly, Product-Friendly

Content generation utilizes several adaptive components, one of which is the integration of consumer or user-oriented tidbits. It is important to retain constructive professionalism to drive the overall brand/product; however the incorporation of user-friendly tips, tricks and even suggestive feedback on a forum can increase product usage. Consumers are more likely to believe testimonies from other consumers if there is a sense of commonality.

Consume to Resume Keeping your consumers wanting more may not necessarily be the best approach. Consumers more often forget or lose interest to buy more products. Therefore, the best time to engage consumers is when they are already in a state of “buying”. By providing accessible links to new products on the side scroll and advertisements from left to right; this will grab hold of the consumer’s attention span for the short duration of time they are on the website. Sharing is Caring As we all know, social media generates millions and millions of fans worldwide. For this reason, marketing should provide links to their Facebook, Twitter, and Google pages. With the development of the “like” feature on Facebook and the enhanced ability to “share” links via these websites, the efforts to increase product notability are boundless. Offline, Online  Creating a fusion of online and offline activities will profit you in the long-run. While an online façade remains vital, reaching outside of the online community is much more impressive. By teaming up with community opportunities such as sporting events and televised announcements, content marketing is truly brought to life. Not only do products receive grand exposure, but the target demographic increases with new prospective consumers. There are several ways to increase content marketing. If you find one method lacking, try a new one. Ticketbud encourages you to use effective marketing and is here to assist you with any event ticketing sells to sell tickets online. With the amount of social media websites out there, it is important to check out every opportunity that arises. Ticketbud is social media friendly, so find us on our Facebook! Article inspiration courtesy of:]]]]> ]]>