Event Management
April 27, 2018  •  by Sean Burke

Ticketbud Tidbits Episode 10 – Corina Frankie of Brand Besties

We discuss several different topics, including: Staffing Tips Having volunteers that are able to handle a large amount of guests coming in at once can be more difficult than it seems. One thing to look for with hiring volunteers is to see if they have previously been waiters or waitresses. People who have previous positions of interacting with people already are much more capable of going with the flow. Tracking Key Performance Indicators For Your Staff One important part of handling experiences in events is having clear performance indicators for your staff to follow. How To Manage Staffing Issues Don’t let there be time for issues to develop in your staff. Take them head-on, and speak with each of them in person. A lot of issues can be handled via communication. Corina recounts a time when two of her employees were having problems. After speaking with each of them individually, she came up with a plan for a compromise that resulted in both of them working better together. By setting down clear communication rules and by having a mediator, you can have a much stronger staff. Common Mistakes Events Make In Experiential Marketing Most events tend to use experiential marketing and involvement with a brand as a “bribe”. One of the examples that Corina brings up is that events will ask for retweets, and then the attendees can receive a prize. Instead of going that route, consider a way that will get attendees more involved in your event beyond that.  ]]]]> ]]>