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March 5, 2012  •  by Jane Carter

Ticketbud & the Austin Children's Center are proud to help kids in need at Fashion for Compassion!

For most children, their carefree days of adolescence are filled with laughter, learning, and a lot of love.  They have food on their plates, a roof over their heads and, most importantly, parents that care and provide for them.  For some, however, these simple securities of life are not so secure.  Many children have experienced significant loss, trauma, abuse and/or neglect in their lives and, for most, there is nowhere to turn. It’s amazing how much we take for granted in our lives while some children struggle just to get by, even in a vibrant city like Austin, Texas.  But what’s more amazing is how few places these underprivileged and, otherwise, abandoned kids have to turn to for help and guidance. That’s why we at Ticketbud are so excited to be supporting and working with the Austin Children’s Shelter, Austin’s foremost center for safe homes and support services for children, youth and young adults, as they host Fashion for Compassion, a night of fun and fashion in support of those children who have been so unfairly neglected and abused. This chic spring style show is an awesome opportunity for all and features prominent Austinites on the runway, delicious tastings, fashion focused desserts, distinctive live auction items and fabulous shopping! Tickets for this incredible event are $100 for general admission and $150 for reserved seating with all proceeds going directly to the Austin’s Children Shelter so be sure to come out to celebrate fashion and bring love and hope to those children who have none.]]]]> ]]>