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January 7, 2012  •  by Jane Carter

Ticketbud talks online ticketing at The MusicFest!

Six days, 40 bands, a world-class ski resort, a really big tent, and more than 50 shows! Well what is the MusicFest? Now in its 27th year, the MusicFest draws thousands of ski-lovin’, music-lovin’ folks to the snow swept peaks of Colorado each January. The largest group ski trip of its kind in the nation, the MusicFest brings the finest Texas and Americana music to the world-class ski resort of Steamboat, Colorado for a week full of sport and song.


[caption id="attachment_4925" align="aligncenter" width="412" caption="A Ticketbud Road-trip to the mountains!"][/caption]   With so many events, it was only appropriate for the Ticketbud Team to show up and support many musicians and concert/fundraiser hosts who have used our service. The MusicFest has long been heralded for its jam-packed schedule of events and concerts. Over 50 performances take place during the MusicFest, an amazing opportunity for our ticketing team to show appreciation and get the power of self-service ticketing in many hands.   Shows are held in a multitude of diverse venues. Including a stage resembling an old barn/hunting lodge, a huge tent, an intimate pub, an old saloon, a luxurious ballroom, an outdoor stage and more.  This is no surprise for Ticketbud, because those are the places our application finds itself on a daily basis across the world. With a few more days to go at the festival, our team will continue to enjoy the fresh snowfall, warm lodges and awesome music, and continue to shake hands on doing business in the future as the artists and venues are able to bring in their well-deserved proceeds for their events through online ticket sales.  We are thankful for all of the handwork and generosity of everyone involved. MusicFest + Ticketbud = A cool future with homegrown music and self-service online ticketing!      ]]]]> ]]>