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February 6, 2013  •  by Jane Carter

Ticketbud Talks

Imperia to honor the professionals that shaped the event industry here in Austin, Texas. During the happy hour, Ticketbud’s CEO, Lynn Yeldell, gave a brief demonstration of Ticketbud’s event ticketing platform and scanner app. After some drinks and sushi, one of the lucky attendees even won an iPad Mini. To find out how the event went from the perspective of an attendee, we asked our intern, Chris Beale, a couple of questions to get a feeling for what it was like for an attendee. What were your first thoughts when entering the venue? When I first entered Imperia, I didn’t think it would be that packed with attendees! A good amount of people came to learn more about Ticketbud and how it could benefit them. Ticketbud will probably have to choose a bigger venue, but the atmosphere was great overall though. Did you think the event was beneficial? I thought the event was pretty beneficial, for event organizers especially. Even if you weren’t an event organizer, it was still pretty beneficial to musicians, food vendors, schools, or anyone that will be organizing an event anytime in the near future. Even if you weren’t there to learn more about Ticketbud, it was nice to mingle and network. What was your favorite part about the happy hour? My favorite part was definitely the sushi and drinks. If you’re in Austin, Texas anytime, I highly recommend you try Imperia’s sushi. The worst part of the event? Not hearing your name called when they were drawing names for the chance to win an iPad mini…that was definitely the worst. Well, even though there was only one prize, the good news is that there will be more happy hours hosted by Ticketbud! Also, be sure to look out for more happy hours if you’re in the Austin, Texas area. Who knows what the next prize could be?

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