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June 9, 2014  •  by Jane Carter

How Greg David Photography Shared Their Passion Using Ticketbud

For National Geographic Creative Photographer Greg Davis, sharing his unique and vivid experiences at India’s Kumba Mela, the world’s largest spiritual gathering, was all about connecting people using a very universal emotion: empathy. “The message [of my event] is to live with faith, devotion and purpose in your own life,” Davis explained, “and to remind you that you are part of something much bigger than yourself. ” Greg’s event was “India’s Kumbh Mela – Photographic Exhibition and Short Film Premiere“, a visual display of his journey to photograph and film this famous holy event half away across the world. The event, which premiered at the Museum of the Southwest in late 2013, needed a seamless and simple ticketing page that made it easy for patrons to learn about Greg and his journey and buy tickets.On top of that, he needed a page that was easy to customize and could reflect the beauty and emotion of the art in his exhibit. To meet these needs, Greg chose Ticketbud to help him take care of his ticketing and attendee management so he could focus on what really mattered: sharing his passion with the people at his event.10340006_10152482307679508_7876218011434930507_n “I feel that the event touched each person in so many different ways;  sights, tastes, spirit and sounds of India, all together in one cohesive exhibit,” Davis recalled. “The goal was to raise awareness for this mythical and legendary cultural event in India…I have been very pleased with the feedback thus far.” “I would recommend [Ticketbud] and will almost certainly use it for my next event.”]]]]> ]]>