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December 20, 2013  •  by Jane Carter

How Ticketbud Waived Fees & Helped "Bobs 'Pete' Eviction Benefit" Raise Over $15,000

After being rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with a brain tumor, the last thing most people would have during such a chaotic time is a sense of humor. Yet amidst the chaos, Bob Hodierne had exactly that. Lovingly naming the plum-sized tumor “Pete”, Bob told his friends and family he would be serving “Pete”an eviction notice. rsz_img_1931“Bob’s a fighter,” said Lelica Palecco, Bob’s cousin-in-law,”and since he named his brain tumor ‘Pete’ and told us that ‘Pete is getting an eviction notice’, we have been able to run with his sense of humor for this event.” “This event” is “Bob’s ‘Pete’ Eviction Benefit“, a fundraiser led by Palecco to raise awareness & money to help Hodierne and his family pay for the mounting medical bills associated with his treatment. Having hosted a cancer fundraiser in 2011 with Ticketbud, Palecco turned to our Cancer Commitment again to help sell tickets, promote and manage the benefit. “Being that I had done this before with the help of Ticketbud I didn’t hesitate to contact [them] again and we sprung into action.” For Palecco, it was crucial to get the event up and raising money as fast as possible. “Ticketbud waived our fee quickly which enabled us to start collecting donations and selling tickets right through the site basically immediately.” From there, Palecco, along with other friends and family, brought together food, drinks, local musicians, comedian Vinnie Brand and a host of giveaways for an incredible evening celebrating “‘Pete’s’ Eviction” that, ultimately “was able to raise $15,000 for Bob! We cannot thank Ticketbud enough for creating an avenue for us to sell tickets for a great cause! And as for the Bob and his continuing fight to “evict ‘Pete'”? “We hope to hold another event for Bob in the upcoming months and we will definitely be using Ticketbud to help us again,” said Palecco. “We hope to break our record of $15,000 raised for Bob and continue to help him battle his brain tumor.” Fundraiser CTA

Photos courtesy of Matthew Cooper
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