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August 15, 2013  •  by Jane Carter

Ticketbud Interviews: Dougie Do of Hip-Hop Band Magna Carda

Magna Carda have been making waves in the music community of Austin, Texas. From opening for Austin favorite Bob Schneider to snagging a coveted spot in the lineup for UTOPiAfest 2013, Magna Carda has enjoyed a strong calendar year and only look to continue the trend.

We sat down with Magna Carda member Dougie Do recently to discuss the future of the group, playing in Austin and what a company like Ticketbud can do to help musicians organize their shows for less.

  Ticketbud: How did you guys meet? Dougie Do: We met up my Junior year, which was Megz’ Freshmen year. I needed a rapper for the St. Edwards’ event Hip Hop on the Hilltop. Through a mutual friend, I met Megan and have been making music with her ever since. As far as playing with a live band goes we met Quentin Walker (bass) through our a friend & Eric Nikolaides (guitar) and Joe Layton (Drums) after a local performance. Its been history ever since, Megz & I are very blessed to have crossed paths with these guys. TB: You guys recently released some new music. How has the response been to that and what are your plans moving forward?
 DD: We did! The response has been great, we really didn’t expect anything to happen out of it, but it turned out really well. Well, we actually just started our EP so everyone can expect that for the Fall release. Megz and I are wrapping up our tape, which will still be under Magna Carda, but it’s a tape we started before the whole band came together so we’re finishing it up to close the chapter.
TB: You guys were recently selected to play at this year’s UTOPiAfest. How did that come about and what are you most looking forward to at the event?
1173897_10151561547656994_23653546_nDD: It was pretty exciting to see our name on it after watching the lineup for a couple years – We’re playing the Silent Disco on Saturday night during the festival. Our drummer, Joe “Beautiful Joe” Layton, actually connected with a person working UTOPiAfest that mentioned the Silent Disco so that’s how that came about. We’re looking forward to actually attending the event as I don’t think any of us have ever actually been. The Silent Disco as well, I also can’t wait to see Blackalicious! He’s been a favorite artist of mine for awhile – as well as Galactic.
TB: You guys have really started to make waves in the Austin music scene. What has been your favorite experience so far playing in Austin?
DD: Yeah, it’s still crazy to us that it’s actually happening. We’re just glad to have a city behind us that’s excited to see what happens! I’m not sure about the other guys, but I have tons of favorites. Everything from opening for Chali 2na and watching Megz rap on stage with him, to playing Antone’s and opening for Bob Schneider. It’s just awesome to be around a group of people that love doing this.
TB: Ticketbud focuses on helping event organizers, especially musicians, be in total control of theirevent. In your opinion, what role does that level of control give musicians to help them get their music out there through concerts, house parties and other events? [caption id="attachment_16001" align="alignright" width="324"] (Photo by: Shelby Knowles)[/caption]
I think Ticketbud plays a huge role that musicians shouldtake advantage of more. You literally have the power to throwa concert or house party ANYWHERE, and for cheap. No offense to anyone that books, but Ticketbud takes away the hassle of dealing with bookers – you can throw the event yourself. Since there’s so many bands in Austin, booking people have a hard time responding to all of their emails. Ticketbud allows bands to get some profit and invite their fans/friends/family to the show!
TB: Thanks for your time Dougie Do, we wish the best to you and the rest of Magna Carda! DD: Always a pleasure. Best of luck to you guys, and we look forward to using Ticketbud!]]]]> ]]>