Your Ticketbud
June 18, 2012  •  by Jane Carter

Ticketbud 3.0 Incorporates Readable Typography for All Age Groups

Ticketbud helps make online ticketing an easy experience for clients by carefully considering each typographical choice to ensure maximum readability for all age groups on its new website, Ticketbud 3.0. According to a Smashing Magazine article, 40-year-old online readers work twice as hard to read information on a website than 20-year-olds do. 60-year-old online readers work four times as hard. Many online readers also struggle with their eyes and can feel strained viewing text on a computer screen. Because so many different age groups and kinds of readers view a website, typography style and font size need to be appropriate and consistent for all online readers. For body text on a website, sans-serif typefaces such as Times New Roman are standard because they are less overwhelming to readers than serif typefaces such as Arial. Sans-serif typefaces are also more readable at the small sizes used for body copy, though the right serif typeface can also be highly readable in body copy. Serif typefaces such as Arial are striking and are most often more effective in headlines and website titles. And typeface style isn’t the only thing to consider when designing  a website for all readers. Font size also greatly influences the way a reader views a website and how much information they retain. Many online readers complain that body text is too small to read, so body text needs to be over 10 pixels in size for maximum readability. Headlines and other copy should be bigger than the body copy but not so big that it distracts the reader. Ticketbud considered all of these typography tips when designing Ticketbud 3.o for those selling tickets online.  The new website will feature a crisp serif typeface at a readable size for body copy with the same serif typeface at a larger size for body copy headlines. The most important information will stand out to readers because it will appear at the largest font size in the same serif typeface as body copy and headlines. By consistently using the same typeface, Ticketbud  brings unity and consistency to its new website, making the text more appealing and easy to read for viewers in every age group. We hope you enjoy your improved reading experience when we launch our new site!  ]]]]> ]]>