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April 3, 2011  •  by Jane Carter

Things to consider when hosting a fundraising event

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Time Required – An incredible idea can take a second to develop, but execution is another story.  We all have a certain amount of bandwidth we can operate effectively.  Consider the time requirement of the fundraising initiative and most importantly, the planning process. Level of Management – Managing a personal communication approach will give you a greater ability to meet donor needs.  Special events provide a high level of management– they are in-person events and you have a high level of certainty of what the outcome will be in the campaign.  How much control do you want with your supporters? Fundraising Capabilities – If there is non-specific revenue expectations, there is no way to deploy a stable course for the findraiser.What are your proceeds goals?  Setting realistic expectations of the money’s source, and how much, is vital when you are completing logistics. Volunteer Opportunities – How many volunteers do you have/need?  With an event you have a significant amount of volunteer needs to fill the event committee and in-person tasks. Community Initiatives – Is it important to build a community around your efforts?  It is rather important to your cause’s growth and sustainability.  In-person fundraising provides multiple opportunities to bond with eventual, current and past donors than a strictly phone or mail campaign. Make sure to always consider these factors when developing your medium of fundraising.  In today’s world, it is obvious that events, in all forms and sizes, are a wise approach to bring in donations while building a community and providing incentives for the generous.  Consider these factors, sell tickets online with Ticketbud, spend more time on creating a great event while we sell your tickets and watch your cause grow.  ]]]]> ]]>