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December 12, 2011  •  by Jane Carter

The Yoga Expo has adopted online ticketing!



YogaExpo wants, above all, to bring together people who are interested in Yoga, Ayurveda and a conscious lifestyle.  We were quite conscious when we were contacted by the hard-working event hosts for this big event in Munich, Germany!  The Ticketbud Team participates in Yoga on a regular basis, so this was an exciting exhibit for our ticketing software to be present. In two days the YogaExpo hosts about 8,000 visitors, all of who, be it the inquisitive beginner or the experienced professional, are specifically going to Germany to seek a variety of offers and fresh ideas, find their style, their studio, their teacher or doctor, their yoga mat or medicine, ayurvedic tea, biological clothing and cosmetics, travel destination, and of course find business partners, wholesalers or retailers, and so on.   [caption id="attachment_4514" align="aligncenter" width="558" caption="There are a lot of sponsors and affiliates!"][/caption]


Exhibitors at the YogaExpo have the best opportunity to meet their target audience face to face. Be it product presentations, free sample distribution or lectures, there are literally unlimited ways for them to win potential customers and generate valuable contacts.

All in all, Ticketbud has reached zen through having the oppourtinity to allow YogaExpo to sell tickets online for their exciting event in January. Time for some advance poses for our leadership team… Namaste, The Ticketbud Crew  ]]]]> ]]>