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April 26, 2012  •  by Jane Carter

The Art of Selling Tickets: How to Maximize Your Ticket Sales

Sell your tickets online easily and cost-effectively Selling tickets online using event ticketing can be easy![/caption] Tickets, Tickets, Tickets… to your favorite musician’s concert, a charity fundraiser or a new play! While you may be interested in purchasing these tickets, there’s always a hint of hesitation before clicking “Purchase”.  Event planners realize the implications ticket sales have on their buyers.  While tickets to an event have the potential to sell out, a lot of factors weigh in once the actual tickets go on sale. In an essence, buyers need to be given incentives in order for them to commit to buying their tickets.  With added modifications, event planners may just be a few steps away from significantly increasing their revenue.   Go Big and Go Home Sometimes the success rate of ticket sales has very little to do with its quantity of public exposure. People are more inclined to attend events that yield some degree of desirability. The common misconception that event planners have is that just because they make an event, people will want to attend automatically. It doesn’t necessarily pan out this way. People will only succumb to buying tickets if the event draws to their interests.  It is important to be wary of sale outcomes when testing out new events. Good Marketing Drives Sales An aesthetically and visually striking campaign can substantially improve ticket sales. In the course of an event, marketing has a tremendous impact on convincing people to buy or not buy. Everything from the layout of the website to flyers counts! Event planners should invest in a marketing specialist who has a successful portfolio to ensure a quality campaign. [caption id="attachment_7294" align="alignright" width="223"]Selling tickets online with event ticketing can be cost-effective How much can you save selling online tickets using event ticketing? A LOT![/caption]   Discounts You Simply Cannot Deny In order to monumentally increase ticket sales, event planners need to give people offers they simply cannot deny. Too often, event planners resort to the hard sell pitch of pushing a “BUY NOW” option on event websites. While this may catch some people’s attention, it remains short of longevity. A more effective strategy event planners should utilize is to discount tickets. This is not only an effective way of grabbing the target buyer’s attention, but it will leave them no choice but to buy ASAP! Get More Money by Selling Less While this idea appears contradictory, it really isn’t. Rather than honing all your efforts to selling all general admission tickets, why not advocate the sale of VIP or premium tickets? These tickets are typically limited and offer special promotions. By catering your focus to selling these tickets, you will generate more revenue by selling less. You’d be surprised at the number of people who would commit to buying a VIP seating. Buyers may find that the benefits of spending a little extra can guarantee an enhanced experience.   Ticketbud, your friendly neighborhood online ticketing company, values the art of selling tickets as well as enhancing buyers’ appreciation for events. With the innovative option of selling tickets online, people can easily access their resources with a click of a button. We encourage you to utilize our online event ticketing resources when selling tickets for all your future events!]]]]> ]]>