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March 14, 2012  •  by Jane Carter

The After-Set Film Program is selling tickets and supporting the Academy Award-winning directors of the future!

Spielberg.  Scorsese.  The Coen Brothers.  These extraordinary directors are synonymous with excellence and acclaim in the realm of film and cinema to the point that we expect anything attached to their name to be nothing short of a masterpiece.  Their adulation is justified and well-deserved but it is often forgotten that these masters of film were once humble no-names with nothing but a vision and hope for a chance to share that vision with the world. An organization called After-Set strives to give exactly this chance to today’s aspiring Academy Award winners as they host one of their weekly screenings on Saturday, April 14th as part of their After-Set Film Program, a series designed to give filmmakers a chance to show their movies without breaking their bank. The Program is operated in the screening room at Tribeca Grand Hotel and allows filmmakers to screen their films, free of charge, for their own audience.  Tickets for this noteworthy cause are only available online for just $10 and go to support the program itself as well as Healing The Children Northeast, an organization that helps doctors travel abroad and operate on children who need medical assistance. Ticketbud is ecstatic to provide online ticketing for a program that helps filmmakers achieve their dreams so, whether you’re in NYC or not, grab your tickets to support Healing The Children Northeast and aspiring filmmakers everywhere.]]]]> ]]>