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April 24, 2011  •  by Jane Carter

Team Fox uses Ticketbud for selling tickets

Tips for Parkinson’s will be using our software as an online event manager!  Please click the link above to check out their really cool event. There was a unique connection between Susan and our Director of Marketing that proved this is indeed a small world.  As they conversed on April 19th, Susan was informed that The Ticketbud Team was going to be busy on the 20th co-hosting an event called, Pancakes for Parkinson’s on The University of Texas campus.  Susan and John were both amazed that they were throwing events benefitting the same cause and would have been clueless had Ticketbud not connected them. The proceeds from the Pancakes event are still being counted, but we have surpassed $55,000 for the Team Fox effort which will benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation!  We will be providing a blog post including a video of the eventful fundraiser in the near future. Ticketbud is honored to assist with selling tickets in the fight against Parkinon’s and quite eager to view the success of Susan’s event on May 19th. Here are some  statistics about the disease we are seeking out to dominate:

  • Estimated 1 million in the U.S. and over 5 Million worldwide are living with PD
  • Every nine minutes a new case of PD is diagnosed
  • There is no known cure or cause
  • Has been traced back as far as 5000 B.C. in the Indian system of medicine and in the first Chinese medical text.
  • PD is the 14th leading cause of death in the US
Thank you to Susan and Team Fox for their dedication!
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