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April 6, 2012  •  by Jane Carter

Social Media: What Lies Ahead for Event Planners

Location is Key The expansive nature of social media generates numerous ways for people to utilize their surroundings via their smartphones. Everything from the process of checking-in on Facebook to Foursquare amounts to some degree of recognition, serving as a didactic reference to your friends and co-workers of the latest “hot spots”.  Event planners need to acquaint themselves with this holistically and potentially draw further incentives to cater to their pool of attendees at these localized events. Think Outside the Box When putting on an event, it is imperative to be creative.  Thinking outside of the box requires you to venture ideas that have not been done before. While the possibilities are limitless, our generation has taken tolls to integrate social media into everything we do.  Event planners can find innovative ways to entice participants by creating video logs, conducting raffle contests and humoring the crowd with tasteful guest appearances. There is hope that in the future, people will be able to naturally take advantage of a variety of social media resources to create an integrative network of communication from the beginning to end of an event. Tweet Tweet One can never doubt the power of Twitter. Its existence since the millennium has soared and some can argue that it might even give Facebook a run for its money.  Twitter’s easily accessible news feed remains highly attractive to their users without all the fluff and unnecessary news feed that Facebook has. For this reason, event planners value the use of Twitter as a promotional gateway for people to get a serial feed of what to expect at an event before it event happens.  While many companies resort to using it for product promotion and marketing, a great majority of people typically use it on the basis of relationship building. In the course of hosting an event, the smart thing to do is to incorporate “shout outs” to other companies supporting or partnering the event. Set Yourself Apart While the measures for success and turnout in any event are crucial to consider; the event planner themselves have to establish a sense of identity to garner future prospective clients.  Optimizing full use of their resources, event planners should establish a relatively updated website including past events planned, testimonies and an aesthetically pleasing foundation. This will not only boost clientele but set a solid status within your networking community. Ticketbud wishes you the best of luck with planning  for your future events and invites you to consider us when using online ticketing to sell tickets online for your event.  The pool of social media outlets are constantly changing, all the while the opportunities to expand are limitless. Article inspiration courtesy of: photo credit: Brooklyn Museum via photopin cc    ]]]]> ]]>