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June 13, 2011  •  by Jane Carter

SENSE Theatre Group Utilizes Ticketbud for Performance Tickets!

Ticketbud is more than proud to be a part of the SENSE Theatre Summer Camp Performance taking place at the University School of Nashville this coming weekend! SENSE Theatre is an incredible research program that seeks to “improve the social and emotional functioning of children with autism and related neurodevelopmental disorders” by means of fun and interactive “theatrical intervention.”  More about the program can be found on the group’s website. Do your part to support SENSE Theatre by attending their performance of the original play, “Bridges.” The unique event will feature twelve young campers with autism acting alongside a group of youth actors from the University School of Nashville as they entertain and show what the campers have learned in their two weeks of “learning, skill building and friendship.”  The play has been described as a “whimsical, musical, and lyrical journey,” and surely will be a fun and memorable occasion for all fortunate enough to attend.

As described by the performance event page, one cannot truly appreciate the promise of this special program until witnessed firsthand.

So don’t miss out!  Purchase online tickets via Ticketbud by clicking here.  ]]]]> ]]>