Ticketbud Tips and Tools*
August 3, 2012  •  by Jane Carter

Novel Ideas for Ordinary Events

free to list your event? Since your tickets are complimentary for the guests, our service is too. You might be a regular customer already, paying to use Ticketbud for fundraisers, classes, concerts and more. Here are some innovative ways that you can also use Ticketbud for free events. Who knows—you are probably already planning one of these! [caption id="attachment_12121" align="aligncenter" width="450"]Organize events with ticketbud Bridal Shower[/caption] Showers: It might seem a little unconventional to send out tickets to your baby shower. But this is a great way to get a list of people who are coming. Once you have created the event on Ticketbud you can post the link for your shower and invite everybody. There is also an option to send out free tickets via email. If you choose to create an event for a bridal/wedding shower the Event Details box is the perfect place to let everybody know where the couple has registered. Birthday Parties If you are looking for a way to create original invitations to your next birthday party, Ticketbud is the answer. With our guest list you can see exactly how many people have said they’re attending RSVP list. This way you can make sure to have enough food and drinks for the party. Maybe you are throwing a surprise party for a friend? Why not use the Private Label option to customize the event page to display your friend’s favorite colors? Just make sure you check the box that says Private Event so they don’t find out! Organization Meetings Maybe you are the founder of a new organization and are trying to get the word out. Ticketbud can help! Try setting up a free event and sending out tickets to people who have expressed interest. Remember you can have unlimited tickets for the meeting, but the guests won’t know this. Having an actual ticket will make the event feel exclusive and guests will be more compelled to attend. Dinner Parties Trying to get a head count so you can figure out how many people to cook for? Maybe it is a potluck? This is a great way to let everyone know what the plan is. Try putting in the Event Details box what everybody is expected to bring. By clicking the option “Display list of Attendees” all of the guests will be able to see who is coming and how much they should cook. [caption id="attachment_12115" align="aligncenter" width="442"]organize your event Dinner Party[/caption] Sending out free tickets for these events (or any others you may be planning) is a great way to keep your guests informed. The time, date, and location will appear on the actual tickets. You will also get an RSVP list so you can make sure you have everything ready to go. Since it’s free to create your event with Ticketbud, you might as well give it a shot!]]]]> ]]>