September 8, 2014  •  by Jane Carter

Now You Can Sell Tickets on Facebook

Wait wait wait, I can sell tickets on Facebook pages?


At Ticketbud, we are always striving to make the ticket purchasing process more accessible for attendees. We have always seen event organizers sharing the links to their event pages through their Facebook page but we knew there had to be a way to remove some steps from this process. After some research and some testing, we have come up with a process that will allow you to sell tickets on Facebook pages. This way your can leverage your Facebook audience to buy tickets to your event without having to leave Facebook 1st, Go to Facebook and search “HTML” and then click on Static HTML: iframe tabs. Once on the Static HTML: iframe tabs click on “Go to App”. Once you are on the app’s page, then click “Add Static HTML to a Page”. Choose the Facebook page that you would like to add this app to. Now that you have added the app to your Facebook page, go to the page and click “More” then “Manage Tabs” On manage tabs, click “Add or Remove Tabs”. That will take you to another page where you click “Edit settings” the Static HTML: iframe tabs. Here you can now change the name of the tab to “Buy Tickets” or “Register Here”. Now that you have added the app and changed the name of the tab you can go and embed your Ticketbud widget. Go back to your Facebook page and click the new tab. When on that tab click “Edit Tab”. Open up a new window, go to your events dashboard and copy the iframe code for the widget. Now that you have the iframe widget copied, go back to edit page for Static HTML: iframe tabs. Here, paste the iframe widget code into the html box and click “Save & Publish”. Go back to your Facebook page and click the new tab. There you can now see that you have the widget for your event directly embed into Facebook page. Now you are ready to sell tickets on Facebook! sell tickets on facebook]]]]> ]]>