Ticketbud Tips and Tools*
November 8, 2012  •  by Jane Carter

Getting People to Attend Your Fundraiser!

  • Offer early bird pricing
    • A lot of events like to offer  special ticket prices for early birds. Early bird promotions are tickets discounted at a low price for those who purchase their ticket in advance, and it seems to work. It gives the attendee a sense of urgency to buy before the offer ends. Who doesn’t love to save money.
    • Have a reward system
      • Reward past attendees! Let them know their contribution is important to the fundraiser and the organization. You can even have a reward system for early bird buyer’s. When they purchase a ticket early the guest can get a free t-shirt or be entered in a raffle.
    • Build Buzz
      • Social media has a great impact on society. You can promote your fundraiser on Facebook, Twitter, and even Pinterest! Social media has made it FREE and easy  to use, so why not use it to your advantage.
      • You can even have your attendees blog about the fundraiser! Word of the mouth is a powerful resource!
    • Give people an easy way to be able to share with others
      • Most online ticketing sites, like Ticketbud, gives the attendee the option to share with their friends on their recent ticket purchase. Remember word of mouth is very powerful!
    • Post highlights of past events
      • If you have footage or photos of  the past events, you should highlight them onto the organization’s website, but be sure to post footage of people having the time of their life. This gives your guest a preview of what to expect.
      There is nothing worse than having to go through all the trouble on organizing a fundraiser and no one shows up. To avoid this situation,  just keep these tips in mind when you’re planning. photo credit: Susan NYC via photopin cc]]]]> ]]>