June 24, 2015  •  by Jane Carter

Quick Mobile Optimization Updates

“mobile friendly”, we still saw opportunities to improve our mobile experience. Read on to learn how these enhancements benefit your events going forward:

Backend accessibility from any device

Before this release, managing your event from a phone was doable albeit not a delightful experience. Event organizers do a lot on the go so we had to make this better. Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 8.52.23 AM To increase usability we went screen by screen to catch anything that needed some TLC. No smartphone or tablet device left behind! As a result, quick changes like adding a collaborator or checking ticket sales are now fully functional.

Purchasing Tickets

Creating a seamless ticketing buying experience for your attendees is hugely important to us. It’s part of our core product. slack_for_ios_upload Almost 50% of attendee traffic on Ticketbud is from a mobile device. Tablets attribute another 6%. With more than 1/2 of our attendees coming from a non-desktop device, we made some tweaks to the purchasing steps. Getting tickets is super intuitive from any device and will feed into future enhancements we make to the checkout flow. We are cranking out new features right now so look for new updates on the blog soon. As always, PLEASE give us feedback through our support channels. We’re all ears on how to improve your Ticketbud experience.]]]]> ]]>