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April 8, 2011  •  by Jane Carter

Post-Event Strategies

results of a successful (or disastrous) event can be a powerful marketing tool. Even though you might have already planned to record information on the event, it is a tremendous opportunity to send a summary to trade publications and other interested media. If you have the opportunity to share experiences before, during and after the event, this adds the extra human interest angle to the story and will assist in next year’s push. Use the event branding and produce a variety of event summaries to be catered to certain audiences.  You obviously do not want the same article going viral. Have you ever put together a press release?  Produce a one page press release that can be circulated to all of your chosen media contacts that you had previously, or recently connected with due to your event. These contacts probably include:   [caption id="attachment_1964" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="Share your event's success with the media"][/caption]   • Editors of local press or collegiate and alumni magazines. • Editors of trade publications • Editors of local current affairs TV and radio • Editors of national press • Editors of national current affairs TV and radio You may also want to have someone you know involved with PR or Marketing to do the following: • Produce an edited version to be circulated to delegates. • Produce a full version for your archival purposes and also to be published on your organization’s website. Congrats!  Now celebrate! You must celebrate success with your event team. This is not only important for you to relax and feel good, but it will in return encourage your team to work with you again.  You can have a Backyard BBQ, a night out on the town or get tickets to a show at a local venue. Just make sure you show your appreciation for the perseverance and patience everyone brought to the table.  ]]]]> ]]>