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April 29, 2019  •  by Lisa Carson

Ticketbud Tidbits Ep 16 – SHOW NOTES… Outlier Podcast Festival with Ever Gonzalez


The Ticketbud Tidbits Episode 16 Podcast is with Ever Gonzalez, the Founder of OutlierHQ and organizer of the Outlier Podcast Festival. Hosted by Lisa Carson, Ticketbud Content Marketing Manager.

Ticketbud catches up with Ever to chat about the Outlier Podcast Festival coming up in Austin in May and Denver in June. We talk about what makes this festival different and the ingredients for  a great event. Ever shares what goes into coordinating a traveling festival and engaging with local markets. As well as tips for new podcasters and how a podcast can be a great vehicle for you brand.   

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About Ever Gonzalez

Ever Gonzalez is the Founder of OutlierHQ, a media and events company that helps entrepreneurs start, grow, and scale their business. Ever is the host of Outlier On Air, a weekly podcast with over 400 episodes, interviewing Founders, Disrupters, and Mavens. Ever and his company have organized over 200 events including entrepreneur and business networking events. Ever created and organizes the Outlier Podcast Festival which is in its second year, travelling across the US. Ever and the OutlierHQ team are excited to visit cities with unique podcasting communities.

Event: Outlier Podcast Festival

The Outlier Podcast Festival is an event where podcasters and digital influencers gather to learn, network, and connect in real life. It’s a festival full of speakers, workshops, breakout sessions, live shows and more. If you’re interested in podcasting or looking to grow as a digital influencer then you won’t want to miss this.

This event is for outliers. People who are doing things a bit differently or people who are underrepresented in podcasting. It’s about highlighting and celebrate what the outliers are doing.


Event sponsorships and leveraging smaller events to grow your business

Ever talks about capping event attendance to better facilitate engagement. He keeps his events smaller to create an environment for speakers and attendees to interact. It also allows sponsors to get up close with clients and potential clients, to develop relationships and gain direct feedback. Ever suggests that sponsoring smaller events is a great opportunity for businesses to get great value through putting a face to your brand. You can have more impact than sponsor banners, you can really get involved with your prospective clients.

The key ingredients for a great event

For OutlierHQ, events are all about building a community. For the Outlier Podcast Festival, which is a traveling event, a key ingredient is finding podcasting leaders in each city the festival visits. Ever talks about reaching out and connecting with local podcasters to be involved. He shares how the locals in each city can give you great advice and feedback. They will tell you what will work in that market, who you should be talking to, and how to tailor an event specific to that community. The goal is to offer great content and experiences, and set everything up so that people are able to make true lasting connections.

Where to start with event planning

When it comes to planning, Ever starts with the big picture. Asking the question, what do you want the attendees to walk away with? Next you pick a theme and then it’s all about finding great speakers. Yes you need food and drinks and things like that, but the speakers connecting with the audience is what makes a great event. Is the content on the stage good enough to help and inspire. It’s about ensuring people learn something and are provided with networking opportunities to create community.

What was Outlier looking for in a Ticketing Partner?

Ever explains that the reason they chose Ticketbud to be their ticketing partner is because Ticketbud aligns with their brand. Ticketbud is the Outlier, a startup that’s doing things a little differently. Ticketbud is about building partnerships and offering genuine customer service. Ever was thrilled to discover that Ticketbud offers early payouts, so you don’t have to wait until after your event to get paid. It is a huge benefit for event organizers to be able to access their funds sooner to cover upfront costs.

How can podcasting be great for your brand?

Having an established podcast makes it easier when reaching out to people you want to work with. Outlier On Air is now a global brand with over 400 episodes. This makes it easier for Ever to open discussions with founders and CEOs, the first thing it does is get you through the door to have a conversation. The podcast has facilitated the building of partnerships and relationships. Many people who have been guests on the podcast, end up working with OutlierHQ or participating in an event.

Tips for new podcasters

Focus on putting out good content. But don’t wait for the perfect equipment, script or guest. Ever recommends getting started sooner rather than later. The barrier for entry for podcasting at this point is really low. You just need a laptop, free recording software such as Audacity and some earbuds. Eventually you can upgrade to fancy microphones and equipment. However getting started and gaining experience that you can learn from and build on is incredibly valuable. Most importantly, it’s about not missing an opportunity.

Ever says, if you’re not embarrassed by your early podcasts, you’re not doing it right. The idea is to get better and better. As you develop a following, they go on that journey with you. That’s part of the experience.   

What advice do you wish you had been given early in your career?

Ever shares that he wishes he’d known about the value of playing to your strengths. It’s easy to get distracted by all the possibilities. Be true to the brand and your personal skill set. While it’s great to learn different things, you should double down on your strengths and what makes you unique. Find a niche! Don’t try to be everything to everyone. Refining that niche is where things started to really come together for Ever and OutlierHQ.  

Ever says, find out who your are, what you like and what you’re good at. Focus on that. Be known for that.

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