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February 7, 2012  •  by Jane Carter

Online tickets are SELLING OUT for events during NYC's 2012 Fashion Week!

Fashion Capital”.  A big part of that industry is the NYC Fashion Week.  Whether you are a clothing guru or know nothing about it, here are some awesome facts from NYCEDC:

  • It isCitywide fashion event, anchored by Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Bryant Park, showcasing the runway collections of many of the top designers.
  • Includes over 250 fashion events throughout the City,with about 70 shows taking place at Bryant Park.
  • Occurs semiannually every September and February,highlighting fashion trends for the following springand fall, respectively.
  • Kicks off international Fashion Weeks, with London,Milan, and Paris following New York.
  • Citywide, generates $466M in direct visitorspending per year ($233M each Fashion Week)leading to $773M in economic impact per year($386M each Fashion Week).
  • Citywide, attracts approximately 232,000 attendeesannually (116,000 each Fashion Week), includingfashion designers, media/press, senior executives,buyers, and others
The famous week also encompasses an incredible amount of local and small events that work perfectly with our self-service event management platform.  These events are there to provide benefits for handmade goods, custom made clothing, independent designers, stylists, boutique owners and the small scale buying community. [caption id="attachment_5241" align="alignleft" width="261" caption="Fashion events work great with Ticketbud!"][/caption]


For example, the once completely exclusive show (Small Boutique Fashion Week Show & Market) finally opened its door to the public for the very first time during NYC February, 2012 Fashion Week!  The organization decided to use Ticketbud’s online ticketing software to keep the proceeds they deserve.  We are sorry to inform that the Ticketbud online tickets have sold out already. However, we have heard that there will still be at-the-door ticket purchases for those who missed out on purchasing on the web. Have you ever been to NYC Fashion Week? Well we hope if you have been to any of the thousands of events during the exciting week, then you didn’t have to deal with paying an unneeded ticketing fees. Ticketbud is excited to be so stylin’!    ]]]]> ]]>