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August 1, 2012  •  by Jane Carter

Cut Time Not Corners: How to Manage Time When Planning an Event

Ticketbud is here to share 4 key tips that will untangle the ball of stress that all the uncompleted tasks has tied you into.

1. Setting Goals

Before any other tasks can be completed, setting goals for your event is key. Keep your mission clear and concise, and make sure all committee members have both a physical copy and an email of your objectives as well as event guidelines. The more defined your goals are, the more  narrow your range of options will be. As your options narrow, you will find that it is much quicker to select decorating or furniture items for purchase. This action effectively cuts out unnecessary steps from the decision making process. [caption id="attachment_12196" align="alignright" width="297"] Plan Ahead & Be Prepared[/caption]

2. Deadlines!

Although this tip seems almost too obvious, the pressure of a looming deadline can serve as great motivation. A firm deadline will drive you to finish all the minor errands that allow you to obtain your ultimate goal. Although it is easy to put off an easier tasks because they can be finished with little effort at any time, these small errands begin to add up and prevent your event from moving forward if not completed. It is often true that once minor tasks are completed, larger ones can then be resolved as well.

3. 5-Minute Event Setup

Ticketing should be one of the easiest items on your to-do list, and with Ticketbud, it is! Unlike other online event ticketing platforms,  Ticketbud allows you to create an event in under 5 minutes and let us do the work!

Set up your event during your lunch break, and see your tickets sales occur before dinner is even served.We allow you to easily communicate through social media platforms, and we keep track of RSVP registration and the amount of tickets left ourselves. Our core values of simplicity and working for people fairly make it clear that we work hard to make your job easy.

4. Social Media

Social Media is both one of the quickest and most effective promotional tools available and a major time saver. Posting news of your event on Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress are all options available on your event creation page. Promoting on social media platforms can be done in only a few minutes, leaving you with more time to complete those last minute items on your to-do list.  ]]]]> ]]>