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December 29, 2011  •  by Jane Carter

Online Ticketing in Auckland, New Zealand!

port of Auckland. She served the Harbour Board well for 41 years and by the time she was retired in 1977 was one of the last working coal fired tugs in the world.


[caption id="attachment_4857" align="aligncenter" width="420" caption="Tugboats Go!"][/caption]   Last year at the Auckland Anniversary Day Regatta & Tug Race, the W C Daldy Tugboat came in 1st place! This year you can get a seat on board the Tugboat and watch an amazing display of maneuverability and speed as these wonderful crafts roar up the channel, round Narrow Neck Buoy and return to finish off Devonport Wharf – best vantage points are North Head, East Coast Bays beaches, Devonport and Devonport Wharf. On Monday 30th January 9.00am, Tugboat Parade Tugboats young and old will gather at the entrance to the Viaduct Harbour and parade up to their start line off North Head.  Make sure you take advantage of this event by eat, drink, and cheer the W C Daldy to victory!     Details of the race and incentives can be found here. We are thrilled Ticketbud can provide a simple online ticketing solution for this amazing tradition and day out on the waters of New Zealand!]]]]> ]]>