New Features
June 13, 2014  •  by Jane Carter

What Organizers Need To Know About Our New Event Dashboard

Event Dashboard was becoming crowded. Having a constantly growing set of tools for you and your attendees is awesome but we needed to reorganize a few things to keep the event process as simple and seamless as it’s always been. Rather than just reorder a few things, we decided to reimagine the way you setup your event and discover the features to help. What we’ve come up with is an intuitive design that will:

  • – cut setup time so you can spend more time focusing on your event
  • – simplify the event management process so you can promote & collect data faster
  • – make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for, exactly when you need it
Here’s a look at what you will see on your new event dashboard:

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 10.14.24 AM

What’s New

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 9.38.05 AMStreamlined Setup

What’s new right off the bat is a faster, more stream-lined process for setting up your event. Rather than guess what you should do next, the dashboard clearly shows you the next step that you need to complete in order to make sure all your event organizing bases are covered. Add My First Ticket comes first. Once that is completed, more steps will open up and you will be able to set your payment info and so on through 5 simple steps.

Think of it as your personal yellow brick road to created your event.

Updated Sidebar

Another feature is the updated organization of the tools on the left side of the event dashboard. The dozen or so buttons involving ticket sales, custom emails and ticket widgets etc. are now organized by category: Get Started, My Audience, Promote and Ticketing. As a result, you can easily find each feature and utilize them to further improve your event and ultimately, sell more tickets.

Activity Feed

One of the coolest new features of the event dashboard is the activity feed. Located below the event title, the activity feed allows you to see a chronological up-to-date news feed of any changes that you make to your event. This eliminates any confusion you have with changes made to your event in real-time.


So, the question remains, why are we making these changes to the Event Dashboard? While conventional wisdom says “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, our thought process was if isn’t broke, improve it. If you liked the old dashboard…great! We designed the new interface to look and feel like the old one so you don’t have to relearn or rediscover anything. If you didn’t…that’s even better! The new dashboard anticipates your needs and presents you with the necessary information and tools when you need them. It also guides you through a faster setup while also introducing features that you might not have discovered on the previous iteration. This new setup makes ticketing, promotion and attendee management easier than ever so you focus on the important stuff like actually planning your event.  ]]]]> ]]>