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February 25, 2011  •  by Jane Carter

Market and sell tickets online for your next event

Some ideas to consider for your next event marketing endeavor: [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="425" caption="Who will be talking about your event?"][/caption]

So you set up your event in minutes on Ticketbud , are now selling tickets online and need to begin marketing. Building up a demand for an event is no simple feat, but it’s even harder when you don’t take the right approach.

When advertising efforts focus only on getting people signing up, they are counterproductive to the marketing strategy.  With that tactic, the guests only see one thing; deciding if they want to fork up the money to go rather than WANTING to go to the event regardless of the cost.  Please read these 6 tips to maybe rethink your approach before you begin building up some hype for your event.

1. Less is more.

Ensure your guarantee is not complex and visually captivating. Don’t get into the details; that’s what your event website/ticket window will be for.

2. Build up some buzz

When sending an e-mail campaign, use the majority of your e-mail body to contain personal information to get people excited and involved. Keep it concise and appealing. Add a side box or a footer with links to the event page, social media outlets, or any additional information that shouldn’t be included in the main message.

3. Show your event

Use images or video from previous events you had.  This will excite loyal, past guests and persuade new ones to join the affair.

4. Use comments and testimonials.

Promote good things your attendees had to say about a previous event. Do include their name and affiliations to give the comment some credibility.

5.  Give guests a BANG for the buck.

Try to avoid early-bird deals or any kind of discounts.  You should set a price and stay with it.  If you do change anything, add more incentives for the guests to attend to drive your sales. Don’t create an urgency by ranting about your deadlines and needs for funds.  Promote the cause and how it is urgent that the event, the involvement, and the proceeds are maximized to help whatever or whoever is in need.

6. Seek out a strategic partnership(s)

Find out who is involved in the interests of your event and use that small, loyal group to help spread awareness.  If your are throwing an event that people are cycling for Cancer research, you should promote and inform people on a local bike shop, an athlete like Lance Armstrong or a cancer survivor in town who is an avid cyclist.  Don’t continuously talk about your cause and your event, but mention these individuals or teams often and promote the initiatives they are executing and promoting.  The support for them will only boomerang right back at you.

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