Event and promotion planning isn’t just set and forget. You should always be looking for opportunities for sales, promotions and special events, to engage with customers at different times of the year. It’s easy to remember occasions like Valentines Day, Mothers Day and Christmas. However there are so many other occasions throughout the year that you can integrate into your roster of events. Consider national, state and local level occasions and events that you can create an experience around. Pick the occasions that make the most sense for your business and target customer base. Who is your target audience? What occasions, themes and events are they most likely to relate to and want to get involved with? What new audiences could you appeal to by running a themed event? Below are some of the occasions you could be thinking about for promotions and events for the remainder of 2019. Check your calendars and see what you might have missed. If you act now, there is still time to schedule great events for the rest of the year. Ticketbud can help you set up an event page for registrations or ticket sales quickly and easily so you can start promoting as soon as possible. Event promotions and packages are great for you to encourage new visitors to try your business. It’s also an opportunity to build a highly valuable database from attendees, who you can then market to and develop relationships with. Lets see what the rest of the year has in store!


June is Rose month, a number of business and organizations could organize an event around this theme, not just bars and restaurants. June is also ‘Adopt a Cat’ month, an animal shelter for example could hold an event that is both a fundraiser and a chance for people to come and meet potential cats they could adopt. June 8 is National Best Friends Day, think about hosting an event where people are encouraged to come and celebrate with their best friends. Alternatively you could hold a social networking style event where people get to meet new friends. Again for those animal shelters, what about a ‘Support Mans Best Friend’ fundraising event.
Occasions and Themes for the month of June:
Gay Pride month
Rose Month
Aquarium month
Candy month
Dairy Month
National Adopt a Cat Month
National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable month
Turkey Lovers Month
Fishing Week and National Gardening Week - both the first week of June
Some of the special days in June:
4  National Cheese Day
5  World Environment Day
7  National Chocolate Ice Cream Day
7  National Doughnut Day 
8  National Best Friends Day
15  Smile Power Day
16  Father's Day 
17  Eat Your Vegetables Day
18  International Picnic Day
18  International Sushi Day
18  National Splurge Day
19  National Kissing Day
21  International Yoga Day


July brings some great opportunities for events featuring food and drinks. Hotdogs, chicken wings, fried chicken, ice cream, chocolate and pecan pie all get their own special shout outs. Tequila and Daiquiris get there own days of celebration. If you want to infuse a bit of French culture, you have the opportunity with Bastille Day. If you want to celebrate all things Geek, take advantage of 'Embrace Your Geekness Day'.
Occasions and Themes for the month of July:
National Blueberry Month
National Anti-Boredom Month
National Hot Dog Month
National Ice Cream Month
National Picnic Month
Some of the special days in July:
1  International Chicken Wing Day
1 International Joke Day
2  World UFO Day
4  Independence Day (U.S.)
4  National Country Music Day
6  International Kissing Day (apparently we have a national and international kissing day)
6  National Fried Chicken Day
7  Chocolate Day
8  Body Painting Day
10  Teddy Bear Picnic Day - hello kids events!
12  Pecan Pie Day
13  Embrace Your Geekness Day
14  Bastille Day - lets celebrate all things French!
17  National Hot Dog Day 
19  National Daiquiri Day
21  National Ice Cream Day  
24  National Tequila Day
27  National Day of the Cowboy
28  Parent's Day  
29  National Chicken Wing Day
30  International Day of Friendship


August is Family Fun Month, a great opportunity for family friendly programming and events. It is also a month with a number of days dedicated to women, with National Girlfriends Day, Sisters Day and Women’s Equality Day. If you want an opportunity to run events targeting women, August would be an ideal month for this.
Occasions and Themes for the month of August:
Family Fun Month
National Golf Month
Romance Awareness Month
Friendship Week - 3rd week of August
Be Kind to Humankind Week - 4th week of August
Some of the special days in August:
1  National Girlfriends Day
2  International Beer Day
4  Sisters Day
9  Book Lover's Day
18 World Daffodil Day - an important day for fundraising events dedicated to supporting finding a cure for cancer. 
21 Senior Citizens Day
26 National Dog Day
26 Women's Equality Day
31 International Bacon Day


September brings some international themed days, with the Chinese Moon Festival, Mexican Independence Day and the popular German celebrations during Oktoberfest. (Oktoberfest carries over to October 6th).  
Occasions and Themes for the month of September:
Better Breakfast Month
Classical Music Month
Hispanic Heritage Month
Self Improvement Month
Some of the special days in September:
2  Labor Day
5  Cheese Pizza Day
8  Grandparent's Day
9  Teddy Bear Day
13  Chinese Moon Festival
13  Friday the 13th
14  International Crab Fest Day
15  National Women's Friendship Day
15  Wife Appreciation Day 
16  Mexican Independence Day
19  International Talk Like A Pirate Day
21  Oktoberfest  
22  Business Women's Day
23  Autumn Equinox - Its Fall!


Coffee shops get ready. October brings you International Coffee Day! It’s also all about the Italian food! October brings us National Pizza Month, as well as National and International Pasta Day. Wait, we aren't done yet, we also have National Dessert Day! Is October sounding amazing to you? Italian restaurants should have a field day with this. October 3 is Techies Day, so if you run a business targeting tech heads, mark this one in the calendar. October is also National Vegetarian Month, so if you want to hold a vegetarian friendly event, October is the perfect time. Two other important mentions are of course Oktoberfest and Halloween. So many event opportunities there!
Occasions and Themes for the month of October:
Adopt a Shelter Dog Month
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Cookie Month
National Pizza Month
National Vegetarian Month
National Popcorn Popping Month
Seafood Month
Some of the special days in October:
1  International Coffee Day
1  World Vegetarian Day
3  National Boyfriends Day
3  Techies Day
4  National Golf Day
5  World Teacher's Day
6  Mad Hatter Day
9  Curious Events Day
11  It's My Party Day
14  Columbus Day 
14  National Dessert Day
17  National Pasta Day -  Italian restaurants - here you go!
25  Frankenstein Friday 
25  World Pasta Day - More pasta!
26  Make a Difference Day
31  Halloween


November brings us a lot to be thankful for with the big event being Thanksgiving. We have occasions recognizing children, veterans, and Dios Los Muertos - the day of the dead. There is also a day that throws down a bit of a challenge, Cook Something Bold Day, what can your chef come up with?
Occasions and Themes for the month of November:
International Drum Month
Native American Heritage Month
Game and Puzzle Week - 3rd week of November
Some of the special days in November:
1-2  Dios Los Muertos
2  Book Lovers Day 
3  Sandwich Day
6  Saxophone Day
8  Cook Something Bold Day
11  Veteran's Day
13  Sadie Hawkins Day
20  Universal Children's Day
23  National Espresso Day
28  Thanksgiving 


Finally we come to December. This is always a busy month for events, so if you want to host a holiday event you have to get in early with planning and promotion. There are plenty of opportunities for Christmas and holiday themed events, as well as New Years Eve events and parties. December is a month dedicated to eating and drinking. It is also apparently Bingo Month! Who knew?   
Some of the special days in December:
2  National Fritters Day
5  Repeal Day - the end of Prohibition. Drinks anyone?
6  St. Nicholas Day
8  International Children's Day
8  National Brownie Day
9  National Pastry Day
10  Human Rights Day
13  Ice Cream Day
16  National Chocolate Covered Anything Day
22  Winter Solstice - the shortest day of the year
23  Festivus - for the rest of us
24  National Chocolate Day
25  Christmas Day
25  National Pumpkin Pie Day
30  Bacon Day
31  New Year's Eve
For more ideas look up DaysOfTheYear.com or Holiday Insights for a full calendar of opportunities. 

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