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January 2, 2014  •  by Jane Carter

2014: The Year To Make Your New Year's Resolution A Reality

The answer is simple: events! Goals and resolutions are immensely easier to achieve when you have like-minded people around you encouraging you and striving for the same goal as you. Attending an event or throwing one yourself is an amazing way to share in a collective experience and use the power of people to help keep your resolution on track. At Ticketbud, we want to help make your resolution a reality! Here are few ways:

Resolution: Losing Weight

medium_3414064391Arguably the most popular resolution, shedding some pounds in the new year is something that is definitely easier said than done. Don’t take on this resolution alone! Ticketbud hosts hundreds of endurance races, fitness classes, outdoor events and more with a focus on getting fit! Losing weight is one of the hardest but most rewarding resolutions you can undertake. Do it surrounded by people working for that same goal! Check out our Sports & Fitness Category to see all the great events YOU can attend!

Resolution: Volunteer To Help Others

Another common resolution often undone by a tight schedule, volunteering in your community is an admirable resolution that many simply can’t maintain as the year goes on. One great way to make yourself stick to your goal? Start your OWN volunteer or fundraising event!

When you are responsible for organizing and managing the event, you become more attached to the goal and invested in its success. Organizing your own fundraising or volunteer event is an incredibly rewarding experience, particularly with the help of others, and it’s even easier with Ticketbud’s helpful features and tools. Don’t miss our Charities & Non-Profits Category to find awesome events near you and start creating one of your very own!

Resolution: Eat Healthy, Try New Foods

Pearl BreweryWhether you’re looking to expand your palate, eat healthier or do both at the same time, attending a culinary event or hosting one of your own is a fantastic way to make reaching your resolution goal fun. Food festivals, wine tastings, cooking classes and more are great places to start out 2014 trying something new and starting a year-long habit of fostering an adventurous yet healthy appetite.   Check out our Food & Wine Category to see our full smorgasbord of events!]]]]> ]]>