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March 10, 2015  •  by Sean Burke

Make Your Event Check In App Work For You

Scanning a ticket with an event check in app[/caption] Fast and Efficient Ticketing App Guide You have access to all of the latest event registration software, and you’re using the most cutting edge event check in app. But at the end of the day, none of this is going to matter if you’re not ensuring that everyone is properly trained and aware of how to best use the event check in software for your event! Read on to find out how to best use your phones and tablets to check in guests and avoid misfortunes! Wifi: Seems simple, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, we’ve seen events that have everything set up amazingly with the exception of a solid Wifi connection. All guest check in apps (including the Ticketbud event check in app) require a Wifi connection in order to work properly and to sync with other tablets. For best results, we recommend using a closed network so that just your tablets and phones can use it to check in. For example, when there’s 10,000 people coming to your event, a closed network moves from something ideal to something required. The last thing you want is your Wifi network getting overwhelmed! As a side note, if you want to read about an encounter with poor Wifi that Ticketbud experienced, read it here. On-Site Team: You need to ensure that you have a proper ratio of staff to guest ratio for the quickest possible check ins. Although there’s no tried and true number here due to how varied events are, look at past events you’ve thrown with analytics derived from your ticket scanning apps to see if there were any bottlenecks and how quickly eventgoers were checked in. Also, in order to keep track of all tablets, we recommend having some sort of collateral to make sure that none of them go missing. Little Things: Sometimes, the little things can add up to become very big things. Here’s some things that you should make sure that you’ve checked with all your tablets and phones:

  • Password Protected: We recommend you turn this off just for efficiency reasons, but if the tablet/phone is password protected, make sure it’s simple and that the staff members know it
  • Auto Lock: For the same reason as above, we recommend that this is turned off for efficiency.
  • Most recent version of the ticket scanning/ guest check in app is loaded: This is very important for ensuring perfect sync across all devices.
  • Proper Brightness: If it’s too bright out or too dark, ticket scanning apps will have issues in registering QR codes from guests. This one is killer if you don’t prepare for it. We recommend testing the area that guests will enter. On an unrelated note, check that all phones and tablets have a proper brightness so that your staff can read properly!
[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="304"]Ticketbud's ticket scanning app is the perfect free guest check in app Checking in guests on a phone is easy – as long as your staff are able to access the app![/caption] Use The Ticketbud App: If you want the fastest and most efficient guest check in app out there, look no further than the Ticketbud app. It’s completely free to use, and works on almost all Android and iOS devices. It’s one of the best guest list apps that allows you to check in guests manually or via a QR code, and you also have access to back-end analytics! These analytics can tell you how long each check in took, the amount of people currently at the event, and even more. Learn more about the app here! And if you already have the app, here’s a training guide for you staff.]]]]> ]]>