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July 28, 2011  •  by Jane Carter

Lost Your Tickets? Not With Ticketbud!

Whether you’re using Ticketbud to sell tickets online or to buy them, knowing how to use our ticket retrieval system can only be to your benefit.   If you have lost your ticket, simply go to the “FAQ” section by clicking the link at the top of the Ticketbud home page, and you will find the link to the ticket retrieval program under the last question, “Help, I’m a guest and lost my ticket(s). What do I do?”   After clicking this link, you will be asked to enter the “item #” from the PayPal receipt you received upon purchasing your ticket originally (this can be found in your email or on your PayPal account website).  After entering this item # successfully, Ticketbud will retrieve your ticket for you instantly!   For help with other Ticketbud features, check out our “FAQ” page or simply send us an email as directed by our “Contact” page. Check the Ticketbud blog often for more helpful event planning tips!]]]]> ]]>